Do You Need More Exposure?

We’re all looking for more exposure, right? But have you ever considered that business cards might be outdated? When was the last time you came back from a networking event and actually followed up on all the cards you got? But that person who gave you a book, well you probably paid more attention to the book, didn’t you?

A book is a great tool to help drive exposure and new clients to a business. Here are some tips for getting the book done!

  1. Look at the content you have: many business owners already have content on their blog, white papers they’ve written, etc. Let’s start there. You can often grab a ton of content from existing work you’ve already created.
  2. Not a fan of writing it yourself? What about hiring a ghost to help you write the book? Lots of ghostwriters out there who can help you write the entire book.
  3. If you’re not ready to hand over the reins to a ghost, consider perhaps dictating the book and having it transcribed, another really popular way to get it done.

Finally, shorter or longer? More and more people are leaning towards a shorter book, with more editions. So, part 1, 2, etc. Especially with the eBook market, this has become super popular.

And the question of traditional or self-publishing. Candidly if they’re publishing in the biz market it’s tough to get attention from a major house because there are so many business books out there. Unless the author has a fantastic platform and is sort of a celeb in their market, I would suggest self-publishing. Quicker to market and more control over the book.


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