meet Penny

Hello and Welcome,

I am one of those twisted people who loves what they do. I used to have a saying on my desk that read: “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” I am happy to report that I haven’t worked a day in the past thirteen years. I started my original company, Author Marketing Experts, Inc. because I’m an author and I wanted to give authors a company that understood them, knew the publishing industry and knew what they wanted. Author Marketing Experts, Inc is a full service marketing and publicity firm with a specialty in Social Media.

I must confess, AME is my baby. It’s become this child that I’ve raised, groomed and now, here we are and I have been humbled by the experience and the fantastic people who have come to work for me and the authors we market. But I want now to utilize my expertise in new ways. This is where More Business with a Book comes in. My books have literally driven hundreds of thousands of dollars of new business to me and I’d like to help you do that too. But there’s a catch: you have a lot of options out there and a lot of ways to waste your money. I hate waste. I’m sure you do, too. So let’s shortcut this whole publishing thing and let me help you.

Someone once asked me what it takes to succeed in business, I don’t really know that secret but I do know that you must be present to win. You have to show up, suit up even on days when you’d rather not. So let’s suit up and get going, shall we?