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Do You Need More Exposure?

We’re all looking for more exposure, right? But have you ever considered that business cards might be outdated? When was the last time you came back from a networking event and actually followed up on all the cards you got? But that person who gave you a book, well you probably paid more attention to more »

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Book Marketing Tips

We’ve got a roundup of some of the most popular tweets from the past week, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include promoting your book on Twitter, connecting readers to your writing, using Pinterest, and more. Best of luck with your marketing and promotion! How to Promote Your Book on Twitter While more »

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Attention Savvy Business Owners!

Welcome to a simple new business model that sees proven results time and time again. The New Business Card  is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to turn years of experience into a 24/7 Profit Center. Your knowledge is a goldmine of information just waiting to be converted into passive income!

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